Why Build with Aluminum?

set of steel tubing 3d rendering

set of steel tubing 3d rendering

There’s no doubt about it, aluminum is the ultimate choice in construction for a number of reasons. In fact, it’s the second most widely used metal in buildings after steel, despite having major benefits over steel. Companies like ARM Aluminum Inc in Tampa Bay have been using aluminum to build and create spectacular outdoor creations for residential homes across the Bay area. You can view their work here.


Aluminum is incredibly strong while remaining 66% lighter than steel, which is a foremost benefit that reduces construction and installation costs. This excellent strength-to-weight ratio ensures more durability in the long run.


This metal is also impressively versatile, so it can be shaped to match any architectural requirements. Aluminum’s flexibility also means that it can bend ever so slightly during storms to absorb the wind’s force, then return to its normal structural position. Alternative frame materials such as wood or steel would either break from such pressure or bend permanently. This gives aluminum the upper hand in commonly windy locations like beachfront properties says Arm Aluminum Inc.


Aluminum actually has a natural surface layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents all corrosion. This is especially significant in salt air and coastal regions because aluminum building material will not rust. Similarly, aluminum cannot be harmed by termites, natural decay, and water damage like wood. Aluminum is commonly used with Tampa pool enclosure construction to ensure longevity and durability.


A wrecking ball is no longer the only way to demolish old buildings. Those made with aluminum can be deliberately deconstructed so that aluminum can be recycled, reused, or retained for scrap value. Either way, it keeps building material out of landfills and continuing to serve an important purpose.


Aluminum is anything but limiting in terms of design options. The metal can be anodized or painted any color. Virtually every decoration need can be made a reality with aluminum. It’s also easy to clean and nearly maintenance-free for simplicity.

With so many perks, it’s hard to say no to aluminum for any commercial or residential purpose.

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