The Most Effective Security Lighting Ideas

outdoor lighting landscapingOutdoor lighting at night doesn’t just prevent accidental falls and help draw attention to the beauty of your home after the sun sets, but it also serves as a major security protection for your home, your family, and your property. Since darkness encourages criminals who think they can hide away from the light, strategic Tampa outdoor lighting is a major focus of many commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Illuminate Entrances

A person with ill intentions needs an entrance to break into your house, so it’s smart to keep a light on at every entrance and window possible. A burglar is far less likely to juggle with your locks when a bright light is giving him away. You could even invest in motion-sensitive lights to give you a clear warning of movement at an entryway.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

If your home includes thick landscaping or under-cover entrances, use strategic lighting to eliminate those hiding spots altogether. If you don’t want that much light shining on your property constantly, motion-sensitive lights offer the best of both worlds by only illuminating when there’s something there to see or scare off. Just check the aim and settings for each tampa LED light. The aim of the motion sensor is critical to ensure it will capture movement from the right area and prevent loopholes.

Use Timers

Even if you’re not home, a burglar doesn’t need to know that! Outdoor light timers Clearwater turn lights on and off at predetermined times. This is a great idea if you work late, are going on vacation, or just want to make your life a bit easier. Timers can work for the inside and outside of the house, but it’s a good idea to adjust the settings every once in a while to keep your habits less predictable.

Take a walk around your property, identify your most vulnerable points, and then build protection via lighting. If you feel that you need some professional help to complete the task, contact a lighting company to have the experts ensure your home is as secure as possible.

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