The Value of Iconic Palm Trees

Palm trees are well known for their countless varieties and gorgeous Tampa landscaping contributions, especially in tropical climates where palm trees can be found in abundance. These trees are also considered very valuable for what they offer to society, like palm oil, coconuts, and their very versatile leaves. But one community in San Fernando, California recently learned just how important their own palm trees are to their community.

palm trees california

In October 2015, a contractor mistakenly cut down six mature and iconic palm trees that had lined a strip of the Brand Boulevard median in the San Fernando community for decades, sparking immediate outrage among residents and city officials. In fact, the residents were so saddened by the loss of the beautiful trees that they ordered a vigil and decorated the site with grave markers.

Even San Fernando’s elected officials seemed taken aback by the turn of events and insisted that a mistake had been made. So who’s to blame? As with any public error, fingers were pointed in many different directions without anyone able to pin-down exactly how such a major error occurred. Local activists called for a grand turnout at the City Council meeting, and many people insisted that City Hall fix the problem without costing taxpayer’s extra expenses.

The Tampa palm tree landscaping plans for the project that resulted in the slaying of the palm trees did not include anything about cutting trees down. According to the paperwork, the project involved removing turf, shrubs, and outdated irrigations systems to be replaced with weather-based irrigation and 18 new trees, including six new palms. Instead, six were chopped to the ground.

The good news, of course, is that the palms can be replaced and Brand Boulevard can maintain its status as an iconic landmark in the community, but many residents feel that they’ve been robbed of a rich piece of history. Some people have even offered to donate the palm trees from their own yards!

Why Build with Aluminum?

set of steel tubing 3d rendering

set of steel tubing 3d rendering

There’s no doubt about it, aluminum is the ultimate choice in construction for a number of reasons. In fact, it’s the second most widely used metal in buildings after steel, despite having major benefits over steel. Companies like ARM Aluminum Inc in Tampa Bay have been using aluminum to build and create spectacular outdoor creations for residential homes across the Bay area. You can view their work here.


Aluminum is incredibly strong while remaining 66% lighter than steel, which is a foremost benefit that reduces construction and installation costs. This excellent strength-to-weight ratio ensures more durability in the long run.


This metal is also impressively versatile, so it can be shaped to match any architectural requirements. Aluminum’s flexibility also means that it can bend ever so slightly during storms to absorb the wind’s force, then return to its normal structural position. Alternative frame materials such as wood or steel would either break from such pressure or bend permanently. This gives aluminum the upper hand in commonly windy locations like beachfront properties says Arm Aluminum Inc.


Aluminum actually has a natural surface layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents all corrosion. This is especially significant in salt air and coastal regions because aluminum building material will not rust. Similarly, aluminum cannot be harmed by termites, natural decay, and water damage like wood. Aluminum is commonly used with Tampa pool enclosure construction to ensure longevity and durability.


A wrecking ball is no longer the only way to demolish old buildings. Those made with aluminum can be deliberately deconstructed so that aluminum can be recycled, reused, or retained for scrap value. Either way, it keeps building material out of landfills and continuing to serve an important purpose.


Aluminum is anything but limiting in terms of design options. The metal can be anodized or painted any color. Virtually every decoration need can be made a reality with aluminum. It’s also easy to clean and nearly maintenance-free for simplicity.

With so many perks, it’s hard to say no to aluminum for any commercial or residential purpose.

Selling Your Home? Here’s What to Do About Pool Repairs

The process of selling a house can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been through it in the past. From finding the right sales price to staging the house for showings and trying to clean away the signs of wear and tear, there’s certainly a great deal to consider. If you have a pool in your backyard, you most likely have quite a few other questions stirring in the back of your mind. Most importantly, if your pool is in need of repairs, how much should you fix before putting your house on the market?

There’s no one best answer, and many variables like geography, the state of the housing market, and your own budget will impact your choices. Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down how much attention you should give your pool before passing your house to the next owner.

home and pool

What’s the Housing Market Like?

The housing market is finally recovering in most areas, but that doesn’t guarantee that your house will be snatched up before you can even hammer the For Sale sign into your yard.  If you’re lucky enough to be in a seller’s market, then enough demand exists that you can get away with fewer repairs. However, a buyer’s market means that the next owners have the upper hand and selling will require more work on your end.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, you need to make your home as turn-key as possible, which includes Tampa pool repairs.

What’s Broken, and What Image Does it Convey?

Cracked tiles and broken pool lining will hurt the potential buyer’s first impression of your home. Since impressions are everything, even a minor issue can ruin a potential sale. It’s definitely worth fixing a pool issue if it will improve the appearance of your outdoor area. Cheaper options include pool resurfacing tampa and paving instead of simply replacing the entire pool itself.

What’s Your Budget Look Like?

Depending on your financial situation, it may be worth investing a bit of money into repairs in order to maintain a higher asking price. However, if you’re short on money and need to just sell your house, you could consider lowering your price to cover the costs of the Tampa pool paving repairs for the next owners.

Consider your priorities, take your local market into consideration, and you’ll be able to determine exactly how much of your pool needs to be repaired before selling your home.


Don’t Forget the Landscaping Around Your New Screen Room

Landscaping is a game changer for your outdoor space. Consider a flat expanse of grass that meets a home without any variety or color. Then visualize a yard with flower beds, majestic trees, and creative gardening. The latter is an example of strategic landscaping at work.

Landscaping can transform the look and feel of your home and help you develop the environment you’d always wanted. If you have a screen room in your yard, don’t forget to landscape around it to make the most of the room and establish your yard as a lush, green haven.

So once your incredible  Tampa screen enclosure room has come together and provided you with an open air room from which to enjoy the weather away from bugs, sun, and rain, what should you do about the landscaping? There are so many options! Which will work best for your purposes?

If you would like the outside of your screen or sun room in Tampa to be easily accessible and flat, try using beach stone and decorative pebbles to provide a clear yet stylish walking surface. Decorative walkways look spectacular and lend your yard a very unique and enchanting look, especially when arranged in specific patterns.

If floral is your thing, stock up on your favorite flowers and window boxes for an irresistible eye-catching appeal. Use complimentary colors, like purples and pinks, to outline your screen room. On the other hand, if you want someone relatively low maintenance that provides more privacy, you could put some smaller trees around the perimeter of your screen room. Just consider root systems and growth patterns when you begin planting to ensure nothing collides in the future.

Last but not least, get creative and use honeysuckle to form a trellis that climbs your screen room and scales the porch to create a gorgeous overhang with a sweet perfume. This would also work well with tampa pool enclosure spaces.

There are so many options, and your landscaping should work with your screen room to reflect your personality.