4 Popular Veneers You Can Find at Your Stone Supply Company

Do you want to spruce up your patio or walkways, but don’t want to go bankrupt in the process? Do you long for a gorgeous mantle, but can’t justify the expense? You’re in luck because your local stone supply company has the alternative for you: veneers. Affordable, charming, and durable, veneers are the right choice for the economically minded homeowner. Lighter than natural stone, veneers are easier to install and can be utilized in areas where space is at a premium. Check out the following four popular veneer vendors.


One of the most respected names in the field, MSI provides Natural Stone Thin Veneers that have a higher quality Reclaimed-stone-Slide1than manufactured products. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, these veneers are simple to install and can transform any home into a natural oasis. Their finishes are naturally colored throughout, so surface scratches and chips don’t affect the surface’s sheen. MSI’s products are a great choice if you want a veneer you can trust.

Cultured Stone

If you want to create an immediate and lasting impression of elegance and reliability, this vendor is an excellent choice. With more than twenty-two textures and one hundred colors to choose from, the possibilities for turning your home into a work of art are endless. The knowledgeable staff at your local stone supply company can help you narrow the choices and identify the perfect veneer for you.

Ply Gem

Are you considering increasing your home’s curb appeal? Try Ply Gem. Recently highlighted in “Better Homes and Gardens” and “The New York Times,” Ply Gem can help your house become the envy of the entire neighborhood. Offering a custom-looking exterior that boosts your home’s energy efficiency and driving down your electric bills, these layers combine two of the best words in the remodeling business: style and affordability.

Quarry Cut

With over 16 years in the industry, Quarry Cut is a pioneer in the veneer stone supply field. Their products are never dyed or treated with chemicals and are all created from locally sourced materials. If you are looking for 100% American-supplied veneers, Quarry Cut is your vendor. One of the superior aspects of Quarry Cut is that they own the rights to their own quarries, so you will always receive the best price combined with the highest attention to detail.

If you want to make your home’s curb appeal skyrocket, increase your energy efficiency, or simply have the walkway you’ve always wanted, veneers are a solid decision. Lightweight, durable, economically practical, and attractive, veneers are a wonderful option for homeowners who want to maximize beauty and minimize hassle. These four popular vendors can supply the home of your dreams.